Facial Treatment

Balancing Face treatment


 deep treatment of restructuring cutaneous with veicolazione ph concept and phases contemplated with principles specific for all types of skin.

The visible result of the first session: The plot of the cutaneous derma smoothed, pore uniform and, reactivation of the metabolism with active of the last generation.

They know to the sour mandelic (derived by the bitter almonds) intense activities of preparation and reactivation of the aged skin, antibiotic ownership, antibacterial (excellent for skin acne), besides sight the absolute absence of photosensitivity, can be applied also d’ is, as well as on subjects with phototypes that extends to the hyperpigmentation, and not being also aggressive and irritating on thin and sensitive skins.

Stimulation Factor


timulation factor is strongly a line face specialistic and addressed both to the applications in the box and to the domiciliary maintenance, structured on a mix of specific and titled functional assets, active that cosmetically intervene on the imbalances of the deep activities of the skin that give them origin and consequence to the aesthetical imperfections of surface.

The line through the application in successions of a group of serums / gel allows to position on the skin a cosmetic that possesses an useful structure to soak, for more and to overhang (with passive absorption) the layers cutaneous deep, of lavishing so in optimal way cosmetically the ownerships offered by every formulation.

Collagen: Important lacks of collagene
Elastin: Lack important of elastina
Delica: Important lacks of stability protective
Sanita: Important lack of equilibrium of bright-chromatic

Boto Collagen


estructuring face anti-age treatment with clk (cross-linked) Hyaluronic Acid NATURAL & ORGANIC HYALURONIC ACID SERUM- Improve skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance with replenishing filler effect and peptide-19 called boto similar.

The unique Peptide-19 active peptide molecule, recognized as active substance by current legislation, is an active substance specifically targeted to aid the quantitative and functional rebalancing of the conditions of the skin’s elasticity, even in the cutaneous and deep components.

It is important to emphasize that the peptide-19 is obviously a substance for cosmetic use and is, therefore, a difference from the botulinum bacterium used injected by the aesthetic physician, so it acts on the skin (and not muscle) component, eliminating any contraindications to use.

Body Treatment

Vegetal Body

he specific treatment with muds and alga united to the synergy of pure vegetable extracts, specific for the cutaneous imperfections and to substances xanthine for the metabolism of the deep cutaneous liquids.

Vegetal body, treatment unique and particular for the body, characterized rather by an intense heat of depth unusual if normally compared to what it is waited for us by a mud or alga.

This is the peculiarity of Vegetal Body, his/her technical evolution it allows through this mix of assets to structurally attack visibly the In aesthetics and dimensionally important. Visible reduction since immediately of the circumference thighs and of the aspect of the peeling skin of an orange. It is advised also Burned specific domiciliary for areas fat.

Tono Body

reatment of deep elasticated for all the areas of the body. The important application also as I support to the closing of the cycles of Oriental aesthetical cares to the streamlining and the cellulitis.

It contributes to stretch the(nodino) topical one some fibrous In aesthetics of the cellulitis. The important and immediate result of the first session.