Permanent Makeup – Micropigmentation

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The Permanent Makeup with the method of micropigmentation is growing on the field of health and beauty

The micropigmentation is a technic, specialty that involves insertion internal of the skin by means of applicators designed for specific inorganic pigments, tailings and mineral origin, this technique allows you to edit, correct, enhance and balance certain facial features or of the body.

Corrective micro pigmentation consists of superficial pigmentation in the derm through the inoculation of hypoallergenic pigments, bioabsorbable.The method is followed in complete safety using equipment and pigments that are the result of technology studies.

The micropigmentation is used to make better your appearance, to correct small imperfections or asymmetry of the face, especially to enhance the look by redefining the eyebrows.

The Process

This treatment begins with an interview in order to develop the best form and the most suitable color to apply on the face.

After a soft local anesthetic to make more comfortable the work of pigmentation that appears to be still free of pain.

Once you agreed form and color the treatment begins in harmony with the times and needs of the customer.

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Healing Time

After performing the treatment takes 24 hours for the skin to return to its natural appearance.

The micropigmentation treatment does not produce puffiness and irritation after a few hours no trace of redness will be more noticeable.

The pigmentation at the end of the treatment found to be about 20% darker than the final result that will be evident and definitive after a week of treatment.

Which Areas of the Body


They are the aesthetic element that determine the expression and the balance of the face.

The micropigmentation is great solution for those who need to make up your eyebrows to correct asymmetries, imperfections or alopecia. Also you can resort to ‘”lifting effect” reshaping “optical structure” of the eyelids through the redesign of the shape of the eyebrows.

This technique is done with natural tones in harmony with the color of hair, eyes and skin type.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows:
• restyling eyebrows
• arched eyebrow thickening
• total reconstruction / partial orbital rim
• Correction eyebrows tattoo asymmetries
• 3D three-dimensional effect micropigmentation of eyebrows
• Modern natural method, delicate shades for a micropigmentation of eyebrows
effect hairs for a more natural



The goal is to create a natural optical effect to increase the volume of your lashes and lift the eye.

You can also create special effects bicolor, tricolor, points of light and pearlescent effects.

Eyes permanent makeup:
• Upper / lower infraeyeliner
• structured graphic eyeliner along the type of correction that you can perform.



The eyes are the most sensual part of the face and put in prominence the objective of micropigmentation.

Through this technique it is possible to increase the aesthetic effect in terms of volume and definition. In addition, you can correct imperfections such as wrinkles, asymmetries and depigmentation.

The result is a natural effect compatible with the geometry and the colors of the subject treated.

Permanent lip makeup:
• contour of the lip with shading
• asymmetry correction
gradient contour of the lip

• Shadings of the lip with natural effect without definite contour


Hair Micropigmentation

Hair pigmentation to the hair is the safe and permanent solution that takes care of your baldness.

The pigmentation of the scalp is the best of effective against hair loss and severe imperfections such as scars.

• Hair pigmentation shaved effect
• Hair pigmentation density effect
• Hair pigmentation scars


Correcting Wrong Tattoos

• Correction tattoo eyebrows, eyes, lips jobs performed incorrectly, eyebrows to be changed in color, shapes, volumes.

• Lip contour to be modified in case of color toners, offl the line …. instances of works that do not meet you.