Hair Removal with Cotton Thread

[Hair Removal With cotton thread]Epilazione con Filo di Cotone

air removal with thread method(Eastern hair removal) is an ancient technique used by the Persian origin women and transferred later in Middle Eastern countries.

The original name is “Band’e Abru” where Band means Cotton-thread and Abru means Eyebrow. It represented a cleansing ritual of the face from unwanted hair and was used mostly on special occasions (especially the wedding day).

In ancient Persia, it was synonymous with the coming of age of the woman and the completion of her femininity and sensuality.

This type of hair removal was also instrumental in the preparation of the face and the makeup eyebrows so that the same could follow and express to the facial features (hence the term “nagahe jazab” translated “look bewitching”).

The professionals of this technique using a simple thread, pure cotton, twisted and fastened around four or six fingers, creating a spiral which can rip any type of body hair, mustache, also eyebrows hair. The hair is removed at the root, right by the thread, resulting in weakening and downward trend of growth up to atrophy.

Filo di Cotone


his technique is useful for people suffering from allergies to creams and waxes, as well as being less painful and faster than using tweezers. E ‘it is shown in the lower body areas such as the face and can be practiced on the hypersensitive skin because the thread allows you to not apply creams, then ripping the hair vigorously. Even those suffering from skin hyperpigmentation can always use the thread because there is no contact with external agents.

The thread is also used on the face without dark regrowth problems and to cure for women suffering from hirsutism; Moreover, the hair removal with the thread has no contraindications, such as the formation of pimples or ingrown hairs.

The hair removal with thread can be practiced just before sun exposure unlike classic epilation requiring the expectation of 24-48 hours due to irritation from the tear shock. The result of the treatment and the application time are very dependent on the hair strength and how it has been treated in the past

Finally, this technique provides the maximum guarantee of hygiene and cleanliness in addition to being spectacular in the creation, bringing the mind to ancient rites and fascinating.

Main Applications



Upper Lips










Why It’s Always Better to shave the eyebrows With Cotton Thread

There are No Contraindications

Why? Because for epilation, cream or wax is not be using certain substances . Simply using silk or cotton thread don’t make allergic reactions or skin irritation or folliculitis.

It all happens in a natural way, getting an excellent and long-lasting result.

If you’ve never tried it, this technic is wonderful!
Indeed it is hard to believe that a simple thread can remove the hairs so effectively.

It Stimulates Microcirculation and is Not Painful

If perform the treatment leans on the delicate area and without griping the king gives a gentle massage to remove hairs.
The stimulation effects continue to be felt until half an hour after the conclusion of the manipulation, giving the body a pleasant tingling sensation.

Do not forget that hair removal can become a pleasant and relaxing beauty treatment more than those to which we are usually accustomed.

It Weakens the Hair

If the most delicate points of our body were treated in a wrong manner and not correct and hair removal technics, the hair will grow faster and will be more robust.

We know that it will take years to restore the hair shaft to a natural stage.

With the thread technic also very short and fine hairs on eyebrow arch and on upper lip area are removed at the root.

As previously mentioned, if practiced consistently, about twice a month for a year or two, this method weakens the hair and over time the results will be visible.

Against Hirsutism and Iperticosi

If the first is the abnormal appearance of hair, usually in areas where there are born or grow mostly men.

The second indicates the increase in quantity of the hair and thread method fights precisely this alteration.

Finally they will smile even those women who have hormone related problems, genetic causes or taking drugs who forced to use the electric needle technic for several years which is quite painful and source of indelible scars.

Smooth Skin and Unstressed

Unlike the post-waxing effects, hair removal with thread method leaves the skin perfectly smooth, without any tear and can be exposed to the sun without long waiting times.

It indicated more for those who have a very sensitive skin and for those with hyperpigmentation of the skin problems, as such treatment does not touch the skin to set more sensible and don’t do exfoliate as with normal waxing.

Minor inconvenience is the duration of the process, slightly higher than that of the wax. No problem … we are use to bear!