Eyelash Tinting


olorful lashes just give you a better look!
The eyelashes appear much longer and more voluminous, as the coloration accentuates the length of the eyelashes faded by the sun and the water.

Lash Lift


ash lift for eyelashes is similar to eyelashes, but while the eyelashes roll over natural small lashes on small clips with the result of shortening them, the LASH LIFT stretches them vertically from the same base. The length, therefore, remains unchanged in the effect.

The LASH LIFT stretches, smooths and stretches the eyelashes gently making it look apparently longer. All this is possible thanks to advanced technology that uses special silicone shields which are conveniently placed on the eyelids.

Two different products are applied to the silicon shield:
The former serves to create a permanent effect, the second sets the stretching and volumizing effect on the lashes giving it more thickness.

Semi-Permanent Mascara


emi-Permanent Mascara is an innovative cosmetic treatment that can give a 3 – 4 weeks mascara effect, increasing the volume and color intensity of the lashes. The product consists of a precious and special color black collar (which also acts as a tint) that is applied to the lashes with a special technique and brushes. Perfect for those who want a mascara effect 24 hours a day, without having to waste time with the daily application and removal of classic mascara.

Perfect for those who want a mascara effect 24 hours a day, without having to waste time with the daily application and removal of classic mascara.

For optimal effect, it is recommended to bend natural lashes through the permanent revolutionary “Lash Lift” before applying semi-permanent mascara, so that it can be added and obtained with a longer length and curvature.

Lash Extension


he application of fake eyelashes and strips, highly demanded by the English market and more and more demanded by the Italian one, is capable of stretch and thicken the eyelashes by giving intensity and depth to the look in a very short time. Paradoxically considered an easy treatment and the reach of short time, this treatment is often difficult and imperfect with the obvious and annoying detachment of the strip or the tuft from the eye line.

For application is used a glue that typically lasts for 1 to 2 days… Thanks to the wide variety of false eyelashes, this treatment is tailored to clients who want a natural effect and those who want a more voluminous and glamorous affection.

Eyelash Growth Serum

his serum is tested to help the eyelashes and eyebrows grow and exfoliate, making them strong thanks to our rich formula of vitamins and proteins allowing healthy growth making them shiny and voluminous.

Serum for Eyelashes-contains:

  • Myristoyl pentapeptide-7: stimulates keratin production by increasing lash growth length and density;
  • Gelso root extract: rejuvenates follicle and rebuilds growth by increasing their density.