Eyebrows Extension


he treatment of the eyebrow extension consists in the application of special extensions on natural eyebrows and or directly on the skin.

This technique will allow you to strech and inflate your eyebrows, filling your empty points and giving you the shape and  desired appearance you want.

You will also be advised of a 3D technique that will allow you to get perfect eyebrows to fill empty areas where it is impossible or difficult to use the extension for a result that lasts a few weeks.

This treatment is especially required by customers with little, irregular or very short eyebrows. By knowing this technique you will be able to offer an effective solution to customers who want the finest, bold and defined eyebrows, with the great advantage that the end result will look completely natural.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Tint


olored eyelashes and eyebrows simply give a best aspect! 

The eyelashes clearly appear longer and more voluminous, as the coloration accents the length of the eyelashes faded by the sun and dall’ water.

Clear eyebrows can be accent from a dark shade; dark eyebrows can be relieved for combining the blonde hair or to be coordinated in brightness and color with any hair’s color.

Eyebrows Micropigmentation


here is the aesthetic element that determines the expressiveness and the equilibrium of the face. The micro-pigmentation or semi-permanent tattoo is a good solution for the one who has the necessity to put makeup on the eyebrows to correct asymmetries, imperfections or alopecia.

Besides you/he/she can resort to the “effect lifting” remodeling “structure optics” of the eyelids through the restyling of the form of the Eyebrows. The tattoo semi permanent is realized with natural tonality in harmony with the color of the hair, eyebrows, of the eyes and of the type of skin.

Eyebrows Micropigmentation:

  • Restyling eyebrows;
  • Thickening arc of the eyebrows;
  • Reconstruction total / partial arc of the eyebrows;
  • Correction asymmetries tattoo eyebrows;
  • “Hair 3D” Effect tattooed three-dimensional eyebrows;
  • Natural modern method, delicate tones for a tattoo to the eyebrows effect hair by hair for a great naturalness pigmentation of the eyebrows.

Serum for Eyebrows Growth


his serum is tested to help the eyelashes and eyebrows grow and exfoliate, making them strong thanks to our rich formula of vitamins and proteins allowing healthy growth making them shiny and voluminous.

Eyebrows-Serum Contains:

  • Biotynol Tripeptide: nourishes the hair follicle in the dermis producing an anti aging;
  • Extract of Camellia Sinensis leaves: its leaves are anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory;
  • Complex of Amino Acids and late Proteins: it has a sebum regulator function;
  • Sodium, Magnesium, Zinc, Mangenese PCA: Increases Cellular Metabolism blood circulation;
  • Vitamin B6: Improves eyebrow growth.

Eyebrows Hair Removal with Coton Thread


mong the advantages that have made this technique more and more demanded by European and American markets are the high speed and extreme precision with which the eyebrows are defined by allowing lines to be controlled and perfect shaping.

In addition, the absence of using high-temperature Chemicals or products such as Waxing, makes it particularly appreciated by those with Sensitive Skin. Today, Eyebrows-defined and sculpted- are no longer a feminine prerogative and in this course will be illustrated also for the definition of Male eyebrows.