Dermopigmentation (Paramedical Micropigmentation)

Among Medicine and Aesthetics


he Paramedical Micropigmentation is an important sector and in continuous evolution. What it is set among the medical and aesthetical circle. The operator collaborates in close contact with Mammalogy, Dermatologists, Oncologists and plastic surgeons. A treatment of great importance under the aesthetical profile, but above all essential for the recovery the patient’s psychosocial.

To correctly perform the Paramedical Micropigmentation suitable professional formation they are necessary and the use of techniques and specific products, sure and of excellent quality.

The treatments are outpatient and they have a duration from one to three hours. They don’t introduce side effects and after the treatment, the patient can take back.




Where can you/he/she be intervened?


ith the techniques of Paramedical Micropigmentation scars of various kind can be treated. sensitively reducing the contrast of color between the scar and the surrounding fabric. Besides, the treated scar will be less brim and will be getting a restoration of the sensibility. The complete treatment foresees more a cycle sessions, at the end of which an excellent result can be gotten.

Not all the typologies of scars are tractable and the treatment asks for a deepened knowledge of the subject and a suitable preparation. The duration of the cycle of treatment is varying according to the greatness of the typology of the scar.

Reconstruction of Areola & Nipple


he Micropigmentation not only serves to harmonize the face or to embellish the lines…
Dermopigmentation can help to feel better with yourself.

This treatment is in demand from people submitted to surgical intervention to the breast with consequent total or partial removal of the mammary areola. It is also used on people with clear areola or too much small.


Cutaneous Dyschromia

To intervene on Hypochromia and Hyperchromia


nother field of important application of the Paramedical Micropigmentation is the Cutaneous Dyschromia treatment of the various kind that happens through the camouflage of the interesting part.


For camouflage, he intends the plant of special pigments in the skin that you/they create a harmony and a uniformity of coloration.

The Cutaneous Dyschromia on which satisfactory results can be gotten are:

  • Vitiligine;
  • Hypochromia;
  • Hyperchromia.

The Fields of Applications


Where you/he/she can be intervened with these techniques


he Paramedical Micropigmentation treats imperfections caused by interventions surgical, traumas or cutaneous problem list:

  • Reconstruction of mammary areola and nipple;
  • Scars treatment ;
  • camouflage of cutaneous dyschromia;
  • Scar tissue treatment;
  • Burns;
  • Alopecia;
  • Post treatments intervention of surgery maxillofacial.