Lessons of Makeup Personalized


or the one that wanted to approach in general to the world of the care of itself and the beauty, here is a real guide that will help you to individualize the basis to know for being able to become soon a real beauty.

You almost treat of a “crash course” to know the techniques of application of the makeup, to discover how to valorize to the best your features, helps to learn to valorize for a makeup every day.

Course of Cotton Thread


aleh beauty lab intends to answer to the demands of the beauticians, that cross method of the thread cotton. they acquire the techniques of the last frontier in the field of the epilation. Without any side effect, very effective.

The course of professional formation of epilation is proposed, that is established to educate on the use of the thread for that it concerns the position to adopt during the treatment, the suggestions pre and post treatment, effectiveness, the advantages and the results.