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Of our five senses, SIGHT is what is called First,
for this beauty, the first step is in the elevation of the spirit.

To be Surrounded by all forms of Beauty art music
Nature is the Greatest Gift that You can receive…

Haleh Nikpendar

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Ciao, My name is Haleh Nikpendar. I was born and raised in Iran, The country of great traditions of Art, Music & History. I could complete my studies in Italy cradle of modern civilization and infinite universe of all beauties.

This path has meant that I could merge all aesthetics Eastern oldest notions handed to me from a long Family Tradition  with the techniques and the most advanced products, allowing me to enjoy each moment of my work which is something Remarkable, Where I can express my Creativity and Imagination.

Like a Deja Vu’s retracing the history of my family where my mother started to work and innovate the beauty salon of my grandmother, now I collaborate with her and want fresh energy and are always looking for new solutions for our salon, and this continuous research is derived the name Hale Beauty Lab.

Laboratory where we can blend our ideas and experiences to your to create continuous of Aesthetic Evolutions.

See my guests out satisfied by our treatments where the care of every detail for us is the pride and duty always makes us more understanding we seek not only the beauty for pure vanity but also the expression of our inner being, hence we welcome you warmly as guests and not as clients in the best oriental tradition.

HalehBeautyLab-Atellier Sopracciglia